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Pool Enjoyment, Driven by Technology 

Maytronics Ltd., established in 1983, is a global leader in the swimming pool industry, specializes in innovative technologies and solutions
for swimming pool maintenance, for one purpose - creating an exceptional pool water experience.
Maytronics operates subsidiaries in the U.S., France, Spain, Germany, Australia, and a sales office in Latin America.
The company is engaged in long-term collaborations with 80 distributors in 50+ countries, ensuring full support for its customers.
Our products include a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners, pool-safety products, and water treatment products.
We use innovative, advanced technologies to make pool maintenance simple and efficient, enabling pool owners to enjoy a clean, healthy, and safe pool.

At Maytronics, we put great effort and resources into giving you the perfect pool experience - maximum enjoyment with minimum effort.
Therefore, we are constantly innovating to raise the standards of pools’ water quality and create a minimum-effort pool experience. Everything we do, every innovation, every test, every model, is geared towards one purpose - to ensure that your pool lives up to its promise, and you are free to enjoy it.

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Maytronics Dolphin. Pool cleaning made easy

The Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners has set new standards for technology, innovation, design, and reliability. The Dolphin uses algorithms, sensors, and sophisticated navigation software, allowing it to efficiently navigate around the pool, adapting to the shape of the pool and its obstacles,
for maximum performance. The pool cleaners are equipped with efficient and easy-to-use filtering and collection system for dirt and debris
and a brushing system that removes bacteria and algae from pool surfaces. The Dolphin also includes a mobility system that enables the robot to cover
the entire pool area, keep close to walls, navigate, and extract itself from obstacles, and in most models, efficiently clean the pool walls
and along the waterline. By using the robot, thousands of customers around the world save substantial amounts of electricity, water, and chemicals, while enjoying an exceptional experience of a pure, clean, and safe pool, and gaining peace of mind.

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Maytronics Wave. The trusted name for commercial pool cleaners

With powerful heavy-duty performance, and high reliability, we deliver long-term, cost-effective solutions for every public pool, from small public pools to the largest professional pools worldwide - Maytronics is the ideal pool cleaner choice.

Leading the way to make your pool water exceptional,
for pure enjoyment


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