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Bringing together more than 30 years of expertise in pool cleaning, our commercial line of robotic pool cleaners are built for heavy-duty, cost-effective pool cleaning and designed to work with minimum intervention. Our commercial line are the choice of thousands of commercial pool operators in hotels, country clubs, spas, schools and public and private swim centres worldwide.

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CleverCleanTM Coverage + Gyro = Precise Navigation

Advanced scanning software and gyroscopic navigation system ensure floors and walls are fully covered using the most efficient route. The Dolphin automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its cleaning pattern

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Swivel - Cable Tangle Prevention System

Dolphin’s patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever! As your Dolphin moves around the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear, allowing for complete pool coverage.  

Peace of Mind

You want your pool to be a source of pleasure, relaxation and minimal effort. We understand. As the pioneers in robotic pool cleaners, we’ve been focused on providing exceptional pool experiences for over 30 years, around the world. It’s the peace of mind we provide Dolphin users that has enabled us to maintain our market leading position.

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Find the model that best fits your specific needs. No matter your choice, rest assured you’ll get an exceptional experience with crystal-clean results, effortless operation for pool peace of mind.

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