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Activate - Swimming Pool Glass Filter Media

Activate is a glass filter media designed to provide you with clearer, cleaner, healthier water. Our proven activation process makes this product scientifically better than all other glass filter media and far superior to sand media.


The Dr. Dryden story:
When sea mammals like dolphins, whales, or sea lions
are kept in captivity, it is often in chlorinated water. Dr.
Dryden worked with these mammals in like conditions
for many years. He noticed they often die of lung
infections at a young age.
He was able to prove that lung infections in mammals is
due to harmful air they are breathing that is just above
the surface of the water. This harmful air is what we
call trichloramine which is the primary cause of chlorine
odor that we smell in swimming pools.
Dr. Dryden invented an activated filter media called
Activate. Using Activate helped save the lives of
dolphins and other mammals by drastically reducing
the formation of harmful trichloramines in chlorinated

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for pure enjoyment


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